Pet Approval the Key to Dating Success

A recent poll undertaken by has revealed that pet approval is the newest criterion to make the unwritten list of dating rules.
This result was recently discovered by asking pet owners whether they would date someone their pet didn’t like. Respondents indicated that their pet’s approval of the potential boyfriend/girlfriend must be given before they will date them.
Australia-wide results of the poll showed that 82% of respondents answered that they would definitely not date someone their pet didn’t like, only 3% said that it wouldn’t bother them, 10% would only if the date looked like George Clooney, and 3% only if the date looked like Angelina Jolie.
USA poll results also showed this to be a global trend as 75% of respondents answered definitely not, 15% said it wouldn’t bother them, 5% answered only if he looked like George Clooney and 5% if she looked like Angelina Jolie.

Dr. Mark Perissinotto, head vet at believes that because pets have now become accepted as family members and even replacement children, their opinion is valued greater when making decisions such as whom they should date.

“Pets are very loyal and loving, which is why owners trust their opinion just as they would one of a good friend,” Dr. Perissinotto said. “They are also a good judge of character, which is why the majority of pet owners said they wouldn’t date someone their pet didn’t like.”

Dr Perissinotto suggested that some ways to make a good first impression when meeting your date’s pet include letting the pet approach you first, staying confident to avoid the pet sensing any anxiety, bringing treats along and crouching down at eye level upon first meeting.
“Impressing a date is no longer just about roses, chocolates and candlelit dinners; it’s seems getting the bark of approval from a certain furry friend might now be the secret to scoring yourself a second date,” Dr Perissinotto said.

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