Winter the dolphin makes a splash in Hollywood!

Move over Flipper, The real life story of Winter the bottle nose dolphin is set to hit the big screen in a new hollywood blockbuster film titled Dolphin Tale. The film is played by and based on the true story of Winter who is widely known for having a prosthetic tail.

Winter showing off her new tail
Winter tragically lost her tail at the young age of 3 months after she became caught in a crab trap. The rope cut off the blood supply to her tail which saw the little dolphin begin the fight for her life as she ended up in a seriously critical condition.

Lucky for Winter she was spotted by a small fishing boat that was able to bring her to the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida. The SeaWorld team nursed young winter back to health and it was believed that Winter would now have to beat the odds and learn to swim without a tail.

A Prosthetics specialist heard about the tragic loss that this special dolphin was facing and volunteered to make Winter her very own prosthetic tail. She is know a worldwide inspiration to children and adults with medical conditions and disabilities which make her the perfect role model to become a true hollywood star!

Check out Winter on YouTube!

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  1. Yes, the movie was really awesome. It was really fun watching the kiddies cheer in the movie theater. It makes you want to take a vacation and go swimming with the dolphins!