Thursday, August 25, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016

Don't Forget Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is Next Monday!

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is all about baking, eating and most importantly, raising funds for animals in need. If you haven't already registered to be a part of this special day, you can do so by clicking here. But be quick! Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is officially being held next Monday the 15th of August. 

If you want to get extra creative this Cupcake Day, why not bake some pet-friendly treats too! VetShopAustralia's Dr Mark has two deliciously pawesome cupcake recipes that will have your pooches and kitties begging for more. For Dr Mark's dog-friendly cupcake recipe click here, and for his cat-friendly cupcake recipe click here.

If you'd like to support the VetShopAustralia Cupcake team you can do so by clicking here. And if you're a Sunshine Coast local, don't forget that you can come see us at our Forest Glen warehouse (5/42 Owen Creek Road; down the road from Kunara Organic Marketplace) to donate in person and try one of our delicious cupcakes! Gluten-free and Vegan options will be available.

We can't wait to see you then!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Introducing RSPCA Animal Health Products

The RSPCA, loving of all creatures great and small, and the VetShopAustralia team are very excited to announce the all new RSPCA Animal Health Products Range. The range currently includes an Allwormer for Dogs, an Allwormer for Cats and a Heartworm for Dogs.

Dr Mark and the VetShopAustralia team are delighted to be working alongside the RSPCA to not only protect your pets at home from nasty parasites, but also to help rescue, re-home and re-habilitate shelter animals.The RSPCA’s history dates back to 1871, when a public meeting to discuss the ill treatment of horses in Victoria led to the formation of Australia’s first Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Following the establishment of a Society in Victoria, other states soon followed. Since the RSPCA’s initial movement, the organisation has fought against animal cruelty, and witnessed a dramatic and positive change in the way animals are treated.

As a charity, the RSPCA relies on donations and lots of community support. The organisation holds a number of annual events that are integral to raising much needed funds to enable them to continue caring for animals in need. Over the years VetShopAustralia has been highly involved in the RSPCA’s fundraising events, in particular the Million Paws Walk and Cupcake Day.

The RSPCA Cupcake day is a fantastic excuse to get family, friends and workmates together to eat delicious cupcakes. But, more importantly, it’s an opportunity to raise much needed funds for the many abandoned and injured animals who come into the RSPCA’s care each and every day. Cupcake Day is being held on Monday the 15th of August this year, and the VetShopAustralia team are looking forward to putting their cupcake making skills to the test for another year round.

Team VetShopAustlia's treats from last years Cupcake Day.
If you’re a Sunshine Coast local, pop in and see us at our Forest Glen warehouse (5/42 Owen Creek Road; down the road from Kunara Organic Marketplace) to donate in person and support this amazing cause. If you can’t make it down to us and would still like to make a donation to the VetShopAustralia team, you can do so by clicking here.

If you’re interested in how to host your own cupcake party, register now for FREE and you’ll receive and awesome Cupcake Day Host kit. 

Want to learn more about the RSPCA range of Heartwormers and All Wormers for cats and dogs then click here.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Looking for Prescription Products? Visit!

Dr Mark knew that many Australian pet owners just like you wanted to be able to buy prescription pet medicines online, because of the convenience that gives and the cost savings an online retailer could pass on. So he developed PetScripts to bring Australian pet owners and independent Dispensing Pharmacists together.

We do however know that it's not all about cost and convenience, Dr Mark, our independent Dispensing Pharmacists and the rest of our team understand that ordering medicines for your pet online requires a high level of trust from you, and we take that trust very very seriously. We love our pets as much as you do, and we would never take a risk on their welfare and we know you wouldn't either.

Dr Mark insists that the PetScripts team must never cut corners or take risks and we must do everything we can to help you ensure your pets have the medicines they need at an affordable price.

When using PetScripts, you shop with the comfort and security of our 5 Star Promise:
  • All products are sourced domestically and are registered with the Australian Government
  • We never sell counterfeit or foreign registered stock
  • All orders are checked and dispensed by registered Australian Pharmacists
  • We're working every day to bring you the lowest prices and the best savings
  • We're constantly focusing and investing on customer service and speed of delivery
If your pet requires prescription medication, visit today and shop over 700 high quality and affordable products.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Take Your Dog to Work Day - June 24th 2016

Here at VetShopAustralia, every day is bring your pet to work day. However, did you know there is an annual day recognised worldwide for bringing your pet to work? How cool!

Take Your Dog to Work Day will take place this Friday the 24th of June 2016 in Australia and all around the world.

A little history on how this day all came about, it was first celebrated in 1996 in the United Kingdom and became popular in the United States in 1999. Take Your Dog to Work Day not only lets pet owners celebrate the bond and companionship they share with their pets, but also brings greater awareness to adopting from local shelters and rescue groups.

Studies have proved that bringing your dog, or cat to work can provide a number of physical and mental health benefits, increase activity and staff productiveness, and overall create a positive and fun work environment. 

To ensure your Take Your Dog to Work Day runs smoothly this Friday, Dr Mark has given his Top 5 Tips for Bringing Pets to Work.

Tip One: Training

Ensure your pet is suitably trained and well socialised before bringing into work. Set aside time during the day for toilet breaks, however it’s recommended to also provide training pads to avoid accidents. Use positive reinforcement when your pet shows good behaviour, including whenever they do the toilet in the correct place. This will help reduce the likelihood of your pet playing up or toileting in the wrong area.  

Tip Two: Comfort

Allow your pet some free time when you arrive in the morning. This will give them time to get to know their surroundings and say hello to other co-workers. Bring along your pet’s favourite blanket, bed, and toys to help them feel comfortable in the new environment. Keep these items by your desk to encourage your pet to stay by your side and avoid causing disruption to other workers. 

Tip Three: Environment

Consider if your workplace is a safe environment before bringing your pet in. Is there any hazardous machinery, substances or open flames? If so maybe your workplace is not suitable for bringing in your pet. Also be aware of security and if your pet could escape easily, and if so is there a busy road outside. Above all, your pet’s safety is what matters most. 

Tip Four: Cleaning

If you or other staff members are regularly bringing your pets to work, ensure the office is equip with relevant cleaning products, such as paper towels and disinfectant. If your pet does toilet in the office, it’s always best to display no reaction. Clean the area thoroughly to remove any scent, as this will reduce the likelihood of the pet doing it in that spot again.

Tip Five: Vaccinated

Before bringing your pet to work, it’s important to ensure their vaccinations are up to date and that they are free from any diseases or illnesses that could spread to other animals. Also consider the risk of any hidden parasites that may be residing at your workplace and administer protection accordingly. This will allow for a happy and healthy environment for all.

Bonus Tip: How To Convince Your Boss

Unsure if your boss will allow you to bring your pet to work this Friday? Click here to read co-founder of VetShopAustralia, Steven Perissinotto's LinkedIn article featuring his promise to write a hand written note to every boss who allows their staff to bring their dog in to work on Take Your Dog to Work Day.

PLUS, check out our short video for a look at some of the VetShopAustralia dogs at work.

Monday, June 20, 2016

StarTrack ORIAS People's Choice Award Voting Results...

Since 2010, StarTrack Online Retailer Industry Awards (ORIAS) has celebrated the excellence of Australasia’s dynamic and innovative multichannel and online retailing visionaries. One of the categories within the StarTrack ORIAS is the People’s Choice Award, where the voting is handed over to the public to decide who they think is a leading retailer in the country. 

The StarTrack ORIAS People’s Choice Award voting has wrapped up for another year, and announced that 2016 was the biggest year yet! With hundreds of merchants nominated this year, and an overwhelming number of votes counted meant that a top 10 list was simply not enough to recognise all there is to love about Australia’s online retailers. So for the first time ever the StarTrack ORIAS People’s Choice Award announced a Top 100!

Dr Mark and the VetShopAustralia team are thrilled to announced that we have been voted as one of Australia’s Top 100 retailers, and want to thank all who took the time to vote for us. 

If you'd like to see who else made the StarTrack ORIAS People's Choice Award Top 100, click here

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How VetShopAustralia All Began And Tricks For Success

We are excited to announce that VetShopAustralia’s very own Dr Mark starred in this month’s edition of Vet Practice Magazine. Dr Mark along with four other successful vets were interviewed on the lessons they have learnt and what they would tell their young self. Keep reading as Dr Mark reveals how VetShopAustralia all began and his tricks for success.

“Looking back, I’d say that starting VetShopAustralia was the best decision I made,” says Dr Mark Perissinotto. “At the time nobody else was doing what we were – the internet was new and online retail was in its infancy, yet, we believed it was here to stay and would be a game changer.” 

He started the online business in the back room of his Sunshine Coast veterinary clinic in 1999. “It was hard work and if I could offer advice to my start-up self I’d say ‘keep the faith – the long hours developing the website after hours and on the weekends will eventually pay off,’” hey says. “Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing and if I knew then what I know now, I would have expanded the business a lot quicker between 2003 and 2005 when we were growing by eight to 10 percent per month. Planning for rapid growth is sometimes just as difficult as planning for lean times.”

In 2009 VetShopAustralia won Australia’s Best Online Retailer award and then in 2011, a Telstra business award. There have been multiple other accolades along the way. “I would say perseverance and hard work are the trick to my success and I believe successful businesses are 10 per cent inspiration, 80 per cent hard work and the rest is luck.”

By Sarah Norris
Vet Practice Magazine
June 2016