12 Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs

There’s only one thing better than dog memes – dogs in Halloween costumes!

And since Halloween is almost here, what a better way to get into the festivities than by looking at some cute pooches dressed to impress.

While dressing your dog in a costume is always a lot of fun, just make sure that your dog is safe and never forced to wear something that causes anxiety. We suggest looking for any signs of anxiety or discomfort: pacing, panting excessively, pawing or clawing at the costume, or sitting or lying down and refusing to move.

1. Australian Icon 

Let your pup show their true Aussie colours and dress them up as two mates carrying a case of Carona's. They'll be the life of the party. 

(source: Pinterest)

2. Scattered Candy 

If you're stumped for a group costume this year, why not get all the dogs together and dress them up as candy! Pugs as M&M's has been a popular costume over the years. 

(source: Pinterest)

3. Incognito Floof 

Why not dress your pooch up as what the look like? Furry dogs do well as loofahs because the almost look like that on the regular, just need to add the ducky. 

(source: Pinterest)

4. Sausage Dog 

Forever a great costume for your dachshund; a sausage dog. They really are the perfect dog for the outfit. 

(source: Pinterest)

5. Mufasa & Scar

Turning your dog into a lion will never get old, so why not dress them up as Mufasa and scar from Lion King. If you have any pups, you can dress them as baby Simba too! 

(source: Pinterest)

6. Martini Glass

Who said that dogs in a cone can't enjoy Halloween? Using their cone as part of the costume is a great way to keep it simple. Our favourite is turning them into a martini glass.  

(source: Pinterest)

7. Poo Emoji

Nothing quite screams funny costume like dressing your dog up like a giant poo emoji. You are what you eat after all...

(source: Pinterest)

8. Beanie Baby 

We love how simple this idea is! All you need is some card and you can turn you teddy-bear-looking dog into a beanie baby (or a Build-A-Bear).

(source: instagram - @kodathesamoyed)

9. Harry Pupper

Cult favourite movies are always winners when it comes to Halloween, so pick your favourite movie and deck your dogs out. 

(source: Pinterest)

10. Poop Factory 

An easy costume is dressing your dog up as what they really are; a poop factory. There's no denying it and can be quite scary if you ask us. 

(source: Pinterest)

11. Mop Bucket

One of the most creative costumes - dressing your dog up as what they look like. This lady took her dogs crazy fur and turned him into a mop. 

(source: Pinterest)

12. Cowboy

This is one that i regularly imagine in my head when i see certain dogs.... 

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