7 Things No One Tells You Before Getting a Dog

Before welcoming a dog into your home, chances are, much like an expecting parent, you need all the information you can get. We all know having a dog is going to be a fulfilling experience, but there are a few things that you might not know about being a pet parent. We’re here to let you know the not-so-commonly mentioned information.

Dog Hair Gets Everywhere

You may think that just because your dog has short hair you won’t have to worry about shedding; well that’s very optimistic of you. Unfortunately, almost all dogs shed. Be prepared to find dog hair in your oven, on your mirror and in that suitcase you’ve yet to use. It’s going to get everywhere. A great way to combat this inevitable problem is to groom your pooch regularly to ensure minimal shedding all over the house.

Dogs Don’t Like Their Routines Disturbed

If your usual wake up time during the week is 6am, good luck trying to sleep till 10am on the weekends as your dog might have other plans for you. They love their routines, and many dogs aren’t shy about waking you up if you sleep longer than they deem necessary. For some dogs, this distaste towards change can be more than you waking up late. It can be a change in when you arrive home from work, what time you usually feed them to even a rearrangement in furniture!  

All Dogs Have Different Personalities 

Every dog has its own personality and its own preferences, so attempting to fit a dog into a specific mould just isn't going to happen. Before you get your pooch, make sure you do some basic research on the characteristic and traits of each breed.  Besides breed differences, each dog has its own way of handling and reacting to situations too. Once you’ve got your dog, you’ll realise their personalities aren’t too different from ours. 

There Will Be an Adjustment Period

There will be an adjustment period for the both of you, and sometimes, you’ll feel like the worst pet parent ever. Leaving for work suddenly becomes so much harder. Your pup might have accidents, freak out in their new surroundings, or feel uneasy being alone. More often then not, owners end up feeling guilty for it. It’ll take a while for both of you to get used to each other and get into a routine but, that will pass with time.

Emergencies and Accidents Will Probably Happen

You can budget as much as you want for all the supplies, food and accessories you need but no one ever mentions the unexpected vet bills. We all hope that we aren’t the ones faced with these emergencies, that we often don’t take them into account when planning. Accidents are inevitable, that’s just a fact, so we suggest putting money away as soon as you can to avoid any hidden costs later on.

Start Training Early

The best way to get a fully trained pooch is by starting early.  Dogs are most adaptable to training methods during their juvenile stage as that is when they begin to adopt behaviour they will carry into adulthood. Simple obedience commands can be taught from about 7 weeks, whereas formal training usually begins around 6 months.  If you’re not getting a puppy, the next best time to start training is now! Just remember to not get fixated on one type of training philosophy. Find what works best for you and your dog and go from there. It’s all a process. 

Unconditional Love

Although we’ve all been told that dogs are truly man’s best friend, you won’t fully understand that until you get a pooch of your own. You’ll develop a relationship unlike anything you thought possible. Your dog will love you unconditionally. No matter your mood, how you look or how corny your jokes. Your dog thinks you are the best person in the universe.

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