Do Dogs Dream?

Have you ever wondered if your pup has dreams?

What are they dreaming about?

Have you seen them running, twitching, or whimpering in their sleep? Are they having a nightmare?

Experts had the same questions and conducted some studies to give us the answers.

Sleeping dog tucked in to bed

They Do Dream

Dogs have similar sleep phases to humans – while they can spend up to double as many hours as us sleeping, they go through an REM cycle just like ours. It has been concluded that dogs also dream like us, about activities and things they enjoy in their waking hours. Pet lovers will be excited to learn that dogs often dream about their owners, including their smell, face, and playing with them.

Doberman dog sleeping

Different Dreams For Different Breeds

It was found that different breeds and sizes or dog had different sleep habits. Smaller dogs were found to have shorter, more frequent dreams. Pointers are said to often dream about birds, and Dobermans about chasing burglars. Both young puppies and older dogs were found to twitch more during sleep.

Labrador sleeping upside down

Nightmares And Disorders

Dogs are free from a human disorder called sleep paralysis, where you wake up suddenly unable to move your body, however, some dogs have been diagnosed with narcolepsy, a condition that makes them fall asleep without warning. Dogs are also said to be susceptible to nightmares, which can be accompanied by them to make sounds of distress

Pug sleeping with tongue out

Should I Wake A Sleeping Dog?

Caring owners can be tempted to wake their pet if they are showing signs of distress while asleep. While it is not recommended to wake a sleeping dog, if you feel it’s necessary, follow these few tips

·         Don’t use a loud voice – shouting or yelling can startle your pet and they could wake up in protection mode
·         Don’t touch your pet – they need a minute to adjust to an awake state, and may be angry and growling
·         Use a gentle voice – keep your voice low when waking a sleeping dog, and gently touch them a minute or two after waking

Dog sleeping under covers with nose out

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