Cannabis For Pets?

Last September, the owners of 12-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier Cross ‘Muttley’ were given the most horrible news. Muttley was dying. 

Diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year, Muttley had undergone five chemo surgeries in the hope of curing him when the Vet said there was nothing more they could do. 

Muttley’s human parents Tim and Tina were devastated and said their goodbyes to Muttley in October when they had planned to go away. 

The vet suggested Tim and Tina try something a little bit controversial in order to ease Muttley’s discomfort – medicinal cannabis oil.

Muttley the Dog

When Muttley’s human parents where fist told that medicinal cannabis oil could help Muttley with his suffering they were sceptical.

However, throughout Muttley’s chemo, he had lost 10 kilos, started urinating blood, vomiting frequently and had been sleeping for around 20 hours a day wanting to be left alone. 

The couple knew how much pain Muttley was in and thought to themselves what do they have to lose? They might as well try it.

So, they started Muttley on some low-dose cannabis oil and noticed a change within days.

Tim says he gained 10 kilos back, became energetic, hyperactive, has a huge appetite and is pain free. 
He said that Muttley has basically turned into a typical stoner. He tends to get the munchies even after his second dinner and follows his owner to the fridge looking for ice-cream. 

Muttley now wants to constantly be around people and play. Even at midnight when everyone else in the house wants to sleep.

Muttley at the Beach

Giving cannabis oil to Muttley has shown only positive outcomes. However, cannabis products haven’t been approved for use in animals yet. 

Various sources including the Therapeutic Good Administration have warned about using cannabis for pets and say that products are for human use only and should not be provided to pets.

However, some veterinarians beg to differ and have the discretion to provide human medicines to pets if they think it will help.

Practising vet and member of the Australian Veterinary Association, Phil Brain says that the cannabis oil is legal because of its such low concentration that cannot be abused. He believes that pet owners shouldn’t see medicinal cannabis as the only cure of their pet’s sickness as there are many more products out there that can help aid them. However, remains open to the idea of progressing research into the drug for helping sick pets. 

Europe are releasing the product later in the year, however, in order legalise the use of cannabis oil for sick pets in Australia, it needs to get on a trial basis. 

Muttley’s owners Tim and Tina have said that the do not regret their decision and believe in doing anything to make his last days comfortable. Unfortunately, Muttley’s prognosis is terminal, however he is happy and not in any kind of suffering. 

Muttley with Owner

Would you give your dog medicinal cannabis oil if you knew it would take away their suffering in their final moments?

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