Dr Mark's Top 5 Cold Weather Safety Tips

The temperatures dropping, winter is here. The colder weather conditions can make exercising and entertaining your pet somewhat difficult. It is important to keep your fur friends entertained during winter otherwise the risk of weight gain, behavioural problems and boredom can occur; which may result in your pet adopting destructive antics and a low mood. Exposure to winter’s dry, cold air and chilling rain can cause chapped paws, itchy, flaking skin, stiff joints and more for our beloved fur friends. So to help prevent cold weather from affecting your pet’s health and well-being, have a read of Dr Marks Top 5 Cold Weather Safety Tips. 

1. Don’t Forget to Exercise

Exercise feeds the joints by pumping natural lubrication into the areas being used. Gentle exercise keeps joints limber, as well as assists with keeping your pet fit and healthy. Joints can stiffen after naps, especially in the cooler months. Therefore, try to continue your usual walk routine with your pet over the winter period. And for extra safety on those dark mornings and evenings, attach a LED Flashing Dog Light to your pet's collar. 

2. Bring a Towel On Long Walks

If you’re walking along your local beach or just around the streets of your home, ensure you have a dry towel handy for when you get back to the car or house. Use the towel to dry off potential damp, stinging or irritated paws. Where warm water is available, it is also best to wash your pet’s feet and stomach to remove any dirty water, salt or chemicals you may have come across on your walk. 

3. Apply Flea Preventatives Even In Winter

Autumn and winter months do no eradicate fleas. Fleas will make home beneath piles of leaves, so proceed with caution. Although fleas may not survive the outdoors in the colder temperatures of the more southern states, the warmth of homes means fleas gravitate towards indoor comfort where they can affect pets and their homes. That’s why it is important to provide year round parasite prevention. This month at VetShopAustralia save up to $54 on Advocate, the combination product that protects from fleas, heartworms and worms! 

4. Watch for Aches and Pains

Joint stiffening may just be a result of lessened activity in the winter months, however there is also the potential of arthritis in older pets. To prevent and manage your pet’s joint pain, VetShopAustralia has a range of Joint Supporting Supplements. Dr Mark recommends 4CYTE CanineSasha’s Blend Powder, Joint Guard or PAW Osteocare Joint Health Chews. These products are high in glucosamine, which assists in the control and management of joint pain and arthritis.

5. Stay Warm

If you have an outside pet, it is very important to ensure you provide a warm and dry place for them to sleep. Also consider providing your pet with additional shelter such as a Houndhouse Collapsible Kennel, where they can curl up and keep safe and warm on those extra cold nights. For those with dog’s who prefer to wonder about the night, fit them with a high quality Dog Coat to help keep them warm wherever they choose to snooze.

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