Valuheart in Short Supply But Alternatives are Better

  • May 30, 2016
  • By

Recent issues with the manufacturer mean that Australia wide, Valuheart heartworming tablets have been in short supply, but for those dog owners looking for an alternative to Valueheart, we have some great news.

One of the big advantages of affordable Valueheart heartwormers was that they were a reasonably priced and effective tablet for the control of heartworm in dogs.  Basically Valuheart was a cheap generic alternative to Heartgard Tablets for Dogs.

While stocks are running low of Valuheart tablets, the good news is that RSPCA Heartworm Tablets have the same active ingredients and also retail at a low price, so they make a good cheap alternative to Heartgard plus profits go to supporting the fantastic work of the RSPCA.

If you love your dog and you love the work that the RSPCA does protecting wildlife and pets that need help, we strongly recommend taking a look at RSPCA Heartworm Tablets for Dogs from just $17.72 for a 6 month supply.

Learn More: Like the idea of supporting the RSPCA with the products you purchase? Then make sure you check out the range of RSPCA Allwormers for Cats and Dogs as well.

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