Meet Ziggy: A Canine with Communications Expertise

Bigger than Beiber is how Ziggi, an Australian mini bulldog, describes himself. Ziggi is the latest pup to be featured in our next ‘dogs at work’ special and he is not shy on discussing what benefits he brings to his workplace. At nearly two years of age Ziggi comes to work at Wasamedia PR agency every day and acts as the doorman and welcoming party. As well as his work at Wasmedia, he also dabbles in modelling and other celebrity appearances.

Beat that smile Bieber
 Q. What do you wuf most about your job?
A. My job is at Wasamedia PR agency. I am a communications expert and the snout of the business. Naturally whenever anyone comes to the office it is my primary job to greet them, smell them, grab a cheeky belly rub and welcome them to our team. Normally after that I fart, look guilty and go back to sleep on my couch.

Q. Tell us a tail about an average day at work?
A. In the morning I check all of the bins to make sure nothing tasty has been left by any of the staff members. I get about 15-20 mins worth of pats and lots of attention from all of the people on our street. I am actually quite a celebrity and have rolled with the likes of the Hoff and Jason Akermanis. Met them at this celeb dog thing I filmed for channel 9.
Time management is extremely crucial as my day is often jammed packed. This means in between greeting and begging for food I need to fit in my 18 hours of beauty sleep a day. I make sure that all of the sun light patches where the skylights let the sun in are slept in daily, and I have a couch where I can observe all staff members and make sure they are working to my satisfaction. I require the mandatory fetch my rubber bone sessions from all staff and extra cuddles and love from my dad who is also one of my employees.

Q. Tell us about your purr-fect pet owners/ bosses?
A. My dad is a bit of a goof. He is totes obsessed with me and loves me dearly. He is always in my line of vision. Even when I am sleeping and dreaming of a mountain of chicken necks (my fav food) I make sure he is close by. I think I have him in the palm of my paw. Mums pretty much the same. Being an only pup is really what I call heaven.

Q. How long have you been working in this role and how did you first get your paws stuck into the business?
A. The business was struggling until I came along, morale was not what it should of been. They needed a spark. They needed a creative muse from which to inspire their campaigns. Cue me! Since then all of the staff are performing at peak levels. We win great new business and all of our clients are happy with the miracle transformation. I take full responsibility.

Q. How do you think your workplace benefits from having you as part of the team?
A. Well naturally they would be at an advantage. The creativity and cuddles I bring to the team make us a very close knit group, added to that there are no spare scraps of food getting wasted in the office. I also only work for food and attention so I am a very cost effective member of our team.

Q. What page should we keep an eye on for more Ziggy news? (website/facebook/twitter)?
A. All of my social media channels are in process. I didn't want to flood the net with traffic. I am expecting to be bigger than Bieber in this space. Thats all my people will let me say at the moment. However you can check our office Facebook. I regularly make cameos there and of course gain a huge amount of traffic.

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