A day in the life of a PR Puppy: Leiah

Leiah is no fool when it comes to social media, she is the top dog at Sydney PR agency CP Communications, one of Sydney's leading PR companies! We couldn't think of a more qualified pup to feature in our next 'dogs at work' special. See what Leiah had to say about her time as a puppy PR specialist.

Leiah on the job

Q. What do you wuf most about your job?
A. I am the official woofy-welcome committee for the CP Communications office. I love to let the team know we have a new visitor with a big loud bark and then welcome our new visitor as they walk through the door. I’m still working on hanging their coats on the coat-rack though!
Q. Tell us a tail about an average day at work?
A. I come into the office early with my owner Lauren and we set-up for the day. I have my own space with my bed, some food and my favourite toys, although I don’t spend much of my day there, I prefer visiting all of the team members to check-out what they are doing. They are hard workers but I make sure they each take a break every couple of hours to play fetch with me and help clear their heads. 
Sometimes I’ll get up on the desks to ensure there isn’t too much mess around and help with proof reading some documents. I’m a little too young to read big paragraphs so I usually end up fogging up the computer screen instead. At lunchtime I get taken outside for a walk to the park and in the afternoon I’ll usually join in a brainstorming session where I love to woof-over my ideas for more pet friendly workplaces!
Q. Tell us about your purr-fect pet owners/ bosses?
A. My purr-fect boss lets me join in all of the CP Communications activities, takes me for a walk every lunch time and gives me belly rubs. She also doesn’t mind me getting my biscuits all over the floor when sometimes I get a little too excited about my lunch!
Q. How long have you been working in this role and how did you first get your paws stuck into the business?
A. I am quite new to the role and started around six months ago. I’m only part-time at the moment because I have many important commitments at home including sleeping, babysitting my owner’s ferrets, welcoming the postman daily and playing in the garden.
I was first invited to join the team after my boss saw another dog at a friend’s office, she realised the benefits of having a furry team member around and I was invited to come in. I must’ve made the right impression because I’m still invited back!
Q. How do you think your workplace benefits from having you as part of the team?
I’m always there for my team members if they need someone to pat, cuddle or talk to. I’m a great listener and don’t pass judgement if an idea they share is silly! I don’t know what it’s like when I’m not there but when I am, everyone smiles all of the time. My owner tells me I bring a calm energy to the office and sometimes I’ll do silly things to make them laugh. They also go outside more when I am around as I’m not old enough to take myself for a walk to the park.
Q. What page should we keep an eye on for more Leiah news? (website/facebook/twitter)?
A. My team love to share my antics and cute poses on their Twitter page @CPCPR and their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/cpcommunications. Woof!

Deadlines, deadlines!

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