Further Flood Support from VetShopAustralia

  • January 24, 2011
  • By VetShopAustralia.com.au

At VetShopAustralia we’re keen to do as much as possible in helping the efforts in rebuilding after the devastating floods. We’ve made a financial donation to the RSPCA Flood Appeal and we are proud of our staff who have put in many hours of volunteer work, but we also wanted to do something directly for those pet owners who now have to rebuild their lives after losing so much.

As part of our contribution, we’re offering a further 15% OFF our already discounted prices exclusively to home owners who have been directly affected by the devastating flooding in Queensland. Please click here for details.

For more information for people who have pets who have been flood affected, the Brisbane City Council has published this handy fact sheet.

For those not directly flood affected please consider donating to the RSPCA flood appeal.

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  1. what a nice idea people

  2. thansk vetshop. what you are doing is lovely.


    p.s. thanks for the sticker