Queensland Flooding Update

  • January 13, 2011
  • By VetShopAustralia.com.au

Brisban Residents Help an Elderly Neighbour
After a lot of frantic preparations and a nervous night, thankfully it appears that the worst of the flooding is over at least for those of us here in South East Queensland and flood waters are now slowly starting to recede.
Of course, this means that the heartbreaking job of cleaning up must commence, hampered by the fact that there are still many houses and roads underwater.

Our hearts goes out to the families of the 15 dead and 70 missing and the tens of thousands of people left homeless.

Brisbane Houses Inundated By Rising Floodwaters

We've already made a financial donation, but we are looking at what more we can do to assist the  people who need it most. While we still have staff who cannot get to work due to flooding, we are thankful that it appears that all our staff and their families have escaped relatively undamaged. However we all know someone not as lucky and over the next few days and weeks we will be helping friends and relatives clean up and try and rebuild thier lives. We've also contacted rescue authorities to see the best way we can help the many pets and other animals left in need because of these terrible floods.

 Australia Post is advising that there will be delays for at least a few more days until flood cut roads become passible and the backlog of mail is cleared. We do therefore ask for continued patience and understanding for any delays.

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