Making Your Yard Dog Friendly - Pooch & Pool

  • October 23, 2009
  • By

Summer time is just around the corner, and as the heat creeps up, we all start thinking of ways to cool down.   The four-legged members of the family are just the same, but here are some ways to ensure that your faithful Fido is kept cool but safe this summer.

First priority has to be safety.  Make sure that your pool and spa areas are dog-safe.  In most States, there are now strict laws about pool fencing, to protect children from accidental drownings.  These laws also have the consequence of protecting our dogs from drowning – but only if we comply with the law.  Now is the time to check that the pool fencing is adequate to keep children and dogs from accessing the pool without supervision.

  • Does the pool gate latch safely when closed?
  • Are there chairs or landscaping features that can be used to climb the fence?
  • Has Fido dug holes under the fencing?

What would happen to your dog if he did get into the pool?  Now might be the time to ensure that your dog can swim (most dogs can instinctively “dog paddle”, but some struggle with this skill).  The most important thing to teach your dog is that the stairs are the safe place to exit the pool.

But what about a place where your dog can cool down?  Many dogs love water play, particularly on hot days!  Fill a children’s wading pool (the hard plastic type that are often shaped like a shell) no more than 15 cm deep – less for little dogs with shorter legs!  This dog-pool should be in a shady place – perfect for a splash and a lie down on a hot day!

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