Costs of Pet Ownership

  • October 08, 2009
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How much does it cost to keep a dog? How much does it cost to keep a cat?

According to a recent news article in the Adelaide Advertiser  it costs the average Australian family  $746 a year to keep a pet dog and $583 to keep a cat. The annual costs of keeping a dog include:

1.    food
2.    flea, worm, heartworm and tick control (buy online at – its cheaper :)  )
3.    vet visits (pet insurance can help)
4.    a toy or two
5.    grooming fees
6.    brush & shampoos/conditioners
7.    collar and lead
8.    council licence/registration fees
9.    pet sitting/boarding

This is all on top of the initial costs of getting a dog including the price of the dog (consider a shelter dog), vet check, vaccinations, bedding, food and water bowls etc.

If you’re thinking of getting a cat, you’ll be up for the same sorts of expenses (although generally because cats are smaller than dogs, there are cost savings).

Although Australia has a very high proportion of pet ownership (there are more dogs and cats in Australia than humans!) the incidence of pet ownership seems to be declining a little, and cost does appear to be one of the factors. There are ways of saving money owning a pet, but you need to remember to keep these costs in mind.

Of course, there are benefits (including costs benefits) to owning a pet. For example:
  • pet owners visit the doctor less and get sick less often
  • pets (especially dogs) deter theft and break ins
  • exercising your pet at the park saves on gym fees
  • playing with your pet is cheap fun for you (and the kids!)

We certainly think each one of our pets is worth the cost!

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