How to Stop your Cat from Peeing on your Bed

Imagine after a long day, you head off to bed only to find your favourite family feline has taken a pee on your freshly laundered sheets…again.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience this, you’ll know how upsetting and frustrating it can be. Not to mention all the extra work it creates having to wash the items over and over.
So, the question stands, how do you stop your cat from peeing on you bed? In this article, we’ve foun4 of the best way, from other pet owners, to get your cat to move their business elsewhere!

Make the Litter Box a More Attractive Place

To stop your cat from peeing on the bed, you will need to encourage it to use the litter box instead. A dirty litter box is the most common reason why cats start urinating in other places. If your cat has a dislike to their litter box because it's dirty, then you will need to clean it more regularly. 
Other ways to make the litter box a more attractive choice is to change your cat litter, not using an undercover litter boxes and sizing the litter box for you cat.

Thoroughly Clean the Soiled Area

Probably nobody needs to tell you this twice. Cats, will return to pee if the area already smells like pee. Regardless of what is causing the problem, you have to remove the smell of urine. If the cat continues to smell the pee, they will continue to urinate in that spot. This can be done in a number of ways but we suggest using a cleaner that will not be harmful to your pets or keeping them away from that surface.  

Change the Bed to a 'Treat Location'

So, your cat urinates on your bed? Start playing with your cat on the bed and giving out treats there. Your fur-friend will eventually learn to associate the bed with food instead of a toilet and won’t want to soil their new treat location.

Training a Cat to Use the Toilet Kit

Instead of training your favorite feline to stop urinating on your bed or trying making the litter box seem more attractive you could abandon all these well used methods and simply just train them to urinate in a more favorable place – a toilet kit. Training a cat to use the toilet kit is not as odd as once thought, and most cat owners are finding themselves resorting to this option as it is easy and mess free. Toilet kits have been around for a while now, but since making these kits easier to use a number of cat owner have switched to training their cat to use a toilet kit instead.

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