Can My Cat Eat That? Dr Mark's Cat Food Safety Guide

A little while ago we posted 'Dr Mark's Dog Food Safety Guide', which contained a bunch of foods that are safe and unsafe for your dogs.

Now for all the cat owners out there we haven't forgotten about you.

In fact, cats are very interesting creatures when it comes to what foods are safe and unsafe for them.

Although both dogs and cats are members of the Order Carnivora, only cats are considered “obligate” carnivores. 

This term indicates that cats must eat some animal-derived protein to remain healthy or receive dietary supplements to supply them with crucial nutrients. 

Overall, approximately one-third of a healthy, adult cat’s diet should consist of protein, although not all of it needs to be supplied in the form of meat.

So to give you a helping paw and take the guess work out for you, Dr Mark has created the ultimate Cat Food Safety Guide.

But first, as always, let's start with a little quiz...

Which three foods pictured below are a great addition to your cat's diet?

Find out the answers plus access the complete guide here.

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