5 Tips for Pet Owners Who Rent

A large stepping stone many people are faced with when it comes to being a pet owner and renting a property, is that the two are not always compatible.

Renting pet owners are often faced with the challenge of not only finding a landlord who will allow pets, but also a home that is suitable for their fur-friends. 

So how does a pet owner find and negotiate a suitable property?

To help you out, we’ve gathered our top 5 tips to securing the perfect home for your pet-family.

1. Enquire

Often when people search a property listing that does not mention pets, they conclude that pets are not allowed. 

However, this may not always be the case. 

Make a move and enquire about the possibility of adding your fur-friend in the contract.

The answer may turn out to be a no, but it could also be a yes – so it’s better to just ask!


2. Sweeten The Deal

If you’re eager to get the ball rolling, offering to pay extra rent to cover your pet, might just seal the deal.

Even if it’s just an additional $5 a week.

Landlords and property manager who see tenants that are willing to make an extra effort, may be more open to compromising. 

Once again, you will never know unless you just ask.


3. Keep Thorough Records

More often than not, landlords will avoid circumstances that may result in their property being damaged, particularly in new homes.

This is why the few that do allow pets to live with their tenants, ask for various information, references and pet records.

To make things easier and more efficient if this question does arise, prepare a little documentation file.

In your file include documents such as vaccination certificates, health and vet records and any other relevant information.

You could even write a reference for your pet that contains information such as age, breed, temperament, type of coat etc.  


4. Consider Your Pet’s-Eye View

An important factor that should not be overlooked, is to ensure that the home you pick is appropriate for the entire family.

For instance, dogs should have plenty of room to move around, preferably somewhere with grass, and areas to laze with good airflow and ventilation.

So a one-bedroom apartment with no yard, probably isn’t the best option.

Take your time, and don’t feel like you have to say yes if you get approved somewhere that isn’t quite right. 

Remember, your family’s well-being is what matters most.


5. Commit to a Clean

While you’re already obligated to clean a property when you depart, offering to remove all traces of your pet’s presence might just get you over the line. 

Put in writing that you will deep clean the carpets, deodorise the home, and importantly, perform consistent flea treatments over the duration of your stay.


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