And the Winner of the 2015 Surfing Dog GoPro Prize Pack is.....

Drum roll please......The winner of the 2015 Surfing Dogs GoPro Prize Pack is Natalie Mason. Congratulations Natalie.

A big thank you to everyone who entered our competition. We are so proud to sponsor such an amazing and fun event and love that you all love our group of talented hydro hounds.

Until next year....keep on shredding!

And just because we know you LOVE them, here are some more photos of our super talented SUR-FURS and their equally amazing humans friends.

The Natural Balance Dog Crew
Rama, Milly, Lani

Pepper; the Surfing Dog Rock Star!

Patches super stylin on the beach

Murf; we all love you

Australia's oldest Surfing Dog; Lani

Double trouble with Indie and Anna

Crowd favourite and winner of the 2015 title; Hugsley

Newbies Paul and Timba

A family that surfs together....Super happy times

The 2015 Surfing Dog Spectacular

If you would like any further informtion on the Surfing Dog Spectacular please click here.

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