Keeping Your Puppy Happy This Spring

Hi animal lovers.  Naomi here, VetShopAustralia’s Marketing Manager.   I love this time of year.  I love that I can take off my knee high boots and slip comfortably into a pair of open toed sandals; and roam bare footed on the weekends.  And there’s nothing quite as beautiful at this time of year than the Sunshine Coasts's wildflowers; bursting forth in an array of vivid shapes and spectacular colour blooms.   

The Vanilla Lilly

The Wedding Bush

But guess what? I also hate this time of year; my allergies really start to take hold. Unfortunately allergies also have an effect on our four legged friends. This month on the blog I’m reposting a popular article (as seen in PETS Magazine) written by our very own in-house vet Dr Mark, in which he offers advice on how to keep our pets happy, safe, comfortable and allergy-free this spring.  Happy reading.

Q: With spring coming up, is there anything I should do to protect my pet puppy Roxie? I just want to make sure she’s okay. Kristy.

A: Hi Kristy and thanks for your email.  As the weather changes and we go from winter to spring there are a few things we can do to make sure our puppies stay happy and healthy. Now is the time to groom our pet to remove the remains of that winter coat. There are a number of products that make this task easier. Look out for Zoom Grooms and slicker brushes that remove the thick undercoat, any matted hair and knots.

Parasites such as fleas and tick start to become more common, so make sure you are using a good flea control treatment on your pet. There are many different brands of preventatives that are very easy to use and very effective. There are once a month spot on type products such as Advantage, Advantix, Frontline Plus and Revolution or if you prefer to give a tablet once a month, look out for Panoramis or Comfortis.

As the weather warms up many places will see an increase in those nasty mosquitoes. While they are a nuisance and irritation for us, for dogs they can also spread potentially deadly diseases such as heartworm. When infected mosquitoes bite your puppy, the heartworm larvae transfer to your pet and work their way to their heart and lungs, where they grow and cause severe disease. Ensure your pup has started on heartworm preventative before spring starts and then continue all year round.

Spring is a wonderful time to explore the outdoors with our pets and remembering these few things will help ensure they stay happy, comfortable and safe.

If you need advice from PETS magazine’s resident vet Dr Mark (a.k.a VetShopAustralia’s Leader of the Pack) send your question, and if possible a photo of your pet’s problem, to with the subject heading “Ask Your Vet.”  Contact your vet directly for any health emergencies and if you require any pet medications or supplies, visit VetShopAustralia's online store.

Or if you need advice on your human allergies just ask me (Zyrtec is the answer; always!).

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