Best Australian Dog Lovers Magazine?

  • July 31, 2014
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VetShop's Own Dr Mark writes for PETS
We're often asked which Australian dogs magazine is the best, and where to buy australian dog magazines online. Unfortunately like lots of dog and dog health questions, when it comes to which is the best Australian magazine for dog lovers, there is no simple answer.

Many of you will know that our own Dr Mark writes for PETS Magazine, which is a great little magazine full of fun and entertain tips, which is aimed at families and kids who own or love dogs, cats and other animals.

Pets Magazine showcases the latest information on nutrition, grooming, training and animal welfare. Regular sections include Pet News, Me And My Pet, How To, Around The World, Freebies, Reviews, Ask Your Vet with Dr Mark, Train Your Pet, as well as competitions, posters, puzzles and more. PETS magazine gives readers of all ages an in-depth look into the animal world.

 You can buy Australian PETS Magazine online here.

However if you're looking for other Aussie dog magazine choices there are heaps of great dog lover magazines out there for Aussie dog owners.

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For the keen Australian dog lover with an interest in caring, showing and breeding dogs, you probably can't go past Dogs Life Magazine. Dogs Life is rated as the No.1 publication in Australia and New Zealand for dogs and dog lovers. This bi-monthly dog magazine has all your canine questions covered, from information about health, nutrition, grooming, behaviour and training to the latest accessories and profiles of the popular dog breeds. If you want nothing but the best for your canine companion, Dogs Life is the magazine for you!

And for those of a more scientific bent or who are involved in the Australian animal health industry, take a look at Vet Practice Magazine. A magazine specifically for the veterinary community, Vet Practice will look at your profession, your world, your Vet business and your life. This agazine  recognise veterinary science is a special profession and poses challenges in the real world.

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