20% off Advantix

Say goodbye and good riddance to fleas, ticks, mossies and other biting nasties this spring with VetShopAustralia’s sensational 20% off sale on Advantix 12 packs or any 2 x 6 pack combinations.

Advantix zaps fleas, ticks and other nasties before they bite.  It also:
  • Starts to kill fleas within 3-5 minutes of application
  • Kills 100% of fleas within 1 hour
  • Last's for a full month (fortnight for Paralysis tick)
  • Kills flea larvae in the dogs environment
  • Protects against  flea allergy dermatitis (FAD)
  • Stops lice infestation
  • Waterproof, so it lasts no matter what your dog gets up to
  • Kills and repels Paralysis, Brown Dog and Bush ticks
  • Repels and kills mosquitoes and sandflies

Enter the coupon code below when you purchase any 12 pack or 2 x 6 pack combination at VetShopAustralia to receive 20% off.

Take advantage of this sensational sale; and say goodbye to ticks, mossies and other painful parasites now.  Offer ends 15th October, 2013.

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