Sophie the Canine Castaway

Swimming 5 miles in Shark infested waters and surviving 4 months on a remote island is the type of adventure that only the toughest could possibly survive. A family pet astonishingly put all odds to shame and did just that after being thrown overboard from her family’s sailboat in rough seas off the coast of Australia in 2009.

The tragic event had her owners searching high and low for their beloved pet and eventually the search was called off as Sophie was presumed drowned. Little did anyone know that this cattle dog had the strength and determination of a true survivor and managed to dog-paddle her way to the remote island of St. Bees, Great Barrier Reef. The 5 mile swim in shark infested waters proved that Sophie was in serious survival mode and was determined to make it home safe and sound.

The amazing canine then began island living and survived four months living on a diet of wild baby goats before she was eventually spotted by island rangers who were shocked to see the sight of a wild dog. The rangers captured Sophie and after word spread fast of this amazing survival story the cattle dog was eventually led back to the arms of her owners!

It didn’t take long for Sophie to settle back into normal life once again and leave her days in the wild behind her.

All smiles for Sophie and her happy owner

Check out the story of Sophie on YouTube.

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