Bark4Beer - Only In America?

  • January 09, 2010
  • By

Billed as the "Four Legged Bottle Opener for the Party Animal" an American inventor has come up with a dog collar with a retractable beer bottle opener!

Being in the pet products business, we see all sorts of new, weird, fun, interesting and different products, but the "Bark4Beer Collar" is one of the most unusual (ok, I admit it, I am a beer drinker, so maybe I am biased).

When you are ready for a coldy, simply call Fido over, give him a pat and use the bottle opener which is attached to the dog's collar. Maybe you can even teach him to get the beers? (like the "golden retriever" in the forex gold beer ads?)

At the moment, the collar appears to be only available in the USA ( Do you think we should stock it on our website?

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  1. Hell Yeah you should sell that in AU! That is awesome....