Big Animal Rescue

  • September 09, 2009
  • By

Here's a story that comes from one of our overseas customers. is constantly on the look out for VetShoppers who are out there making a difference in society and the community. Recently we interviewed US doctor, Deborah Albert, long time VetShop customer and heard about her involvement in a Cat Rescue organisation with a difference.

Deborah, from Florida is an outgoing,adventurous person, who loves her pets. At home, Deborah has nine adopted animals plus an elaborate salt water fish aquarium. In her spare time, she volunteers at the Big Cat Animal Sanctuary!

With the rough economy. Shelters across the United States are experiencing higher intake rates than normal. With foreclosures, families moving into new homes with no-pet rules and increasing pet food prices, a record number of pet owners are being forced to surrender their beloved pets into shelters. And the USA being the USA, its not just cats & dogs, but lions, tigers and other big cats!

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