How To Take The Perfect Photo of Your Dog

Spending all your time in isolation taking extra photos of your dog but can't seem to take any Instagram-worthy ones? Then you've come to the right blog post!

We've compiled the top tricks pet photographers use so you too can capture your dog at their very best. Be sure to share your results with us on our Facebook page too!

A Collie dog wearing a bandana around their neck is staring straight at the camera with their ears up. They are in a grass field with the blue sky behind them.

Make Some Noise

You may feel a bit silly while doing it, but it is an almost guaranteed way of getting your dogs attention. Whether you cluck like a chicken, whistle or make some other strange noise, it won't matter what it is, so long as it gets your dog looking straight at you and at your camera.

A black and white Bull Terrier is sitting and looking directly at the camera. In the background there are coloured lights on the walls but they are out of focus.

If noises don't do the trick, try mentioning some of their favourite things like the name of their favourite toy, their favourite treat or that magical word - walk. But be sure to reward them with whatever they react to, otherwise, they might not do it for you a second time.

A Blue Heeler is looking straight at the camera with their mouth open and tongue hanging out.

If you have trained your dog to sit or lie down on command, use that to your advantage! A still dog is far easier to capture than a dog that will not stop moving.

A small brown hairy dog is sitting among some long grass staring straight at the camera

Wave a Toy

Many dogs will not be able to resist staring straight at their favourite toy anytime you hold it in your hand, so why not use this to your advantage! Hold their favourite toy just above the camera and get ready to capture that adorable face.

A black and white dog is sitting and looking straight up into the camera

Toys that have a squeaker are perfect for capturing your dogs attention so give it a squeak before taking a snap. If that squeaker noise always gets your dog doing that adorable head tilt but you don't have a squeaker toy on hand, there are apps you can download onto your phone that will have your dog's head tilted in no time!

A brown dog is tilting their head to one side and looking curiously at the camera

Tempt Them With Treats

Some dogs are more motivated by food than others, so holding their favourite treat just above the camera is all but guaranteed to get them staring straight down the lens. Just watch out for any drool that may appear! Remember to reward your dog with their treat after you snap a few shots. You don't want to tease them with the treat, just use it to get their attention for a moment.

A brown and tan Dachshund is sitting in a wooden chair looking at the camera

Catch Their Eye

Some dogs might be put off by your puparazzi (sorry, I couldn't help it) behaviour because they can't see your eyes. If you think this might be putting your dog off, try holding your phone or camera off to the side or down in front of you so your dog can clearly see your face.

We hope these tips have been helpful and that the beautiful photos you are able to capture of your treasured companion bring you much joy.

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