Abby's Isolation Diary

While we are all keeping our distance and staying home as much as possible, we thought we would bring you the inside scoop from Dr Mark's pooch, Abby. She has kindly agreed to keep a diary of her time with Dr Mark and his family as they work and study from home on the Sunshine Coast.

A photo of Abby the Labrador
Abby Perissinotto - Labrador and food critic

Isolation - Day 60

Dear Diary,

It has been 2 months with everyone at home now and I love having everyone around so much, especially my Dad. He does seem to spend way too much time in front of the thing he calls his "lap book", instead of showering me with food and pats like he should be.
Hmm what is this black spaghetti...
I hear Dad talking on the Zoom all the time now too and thought I should contribute something important to the conversation so last night I joined in the meeting. You should have seen how happy all the little faces on the lap book were to see me! I was the star of the show!
It has been cool at night time here on the Sunshine Coast. To keep myself and my family warm I like to steal my brothers thongs to make them chase me around. I also take the thongs to bed at night to keep me warm. They are not as smelly as my brothers.
Cuddling with my brothers thong to stay warm
Got to go. Dad's on the lap book again and needs interrupting. It's very important doggy work.
Until next time friends,

Isolation - Day 30

Dear Diary,
I had the best walk ev-er today! Dad took me down to the boat ramp and we walked by the river. Oh the smells! The gooey-slimey-rancidy-seafood odour was everywhere. I had sooooo many things to explore. Scraps of gooey fish bits, abandoned bait, unidentified smelly things half buried amongst the mangroves. All so delectably smelly! Dad wasn't overly impressed when I unearthed one of the latter and began to crunch down on it enthusiastically however. He is such a spoil sport!

Note to self for future reference - fisherman can get a tad cranky with you when you start eyeing off their bait bucket. Not sure what the problem is with that...
A true jungle dog at home amidst the mangroves
It was really great to be out and about somewhere different though. Adventure seeking explorer type dogs such as myself need a bit of variety in their outdoor exploits. And more smelly things. Always lots of smelly things.

Speaking of smelly things, my walk has inspired me to develop my signature scent. It shall be a full bodied, fruit number with not so subtle overtones of deceased mollusc and rancid fish giblets. I shall call it Eau de Mangrove I think. Obviously it will be available exclusively from VetShopAustralia. It is bound to be their top seller from the moment it launches! Watch this space.

Anyway, I'm back home now. There are tomato plants that need uprooting, water dragons to escort off my property and home schoolers to distract. And if I didn't already have enough work to do, now a brush turkey has the absolute hide to start sniffing out my backyard as a potential nesting site. Not on my watch foul creature of the under scrub!
Officer Abby - keeper of peace and intruder remover
Until next time friends,


Isolation - Day 489 (or thereabouts)

Dear Diary,
Last night I binge watched Project Blue Book with some of my family. I loved it! Apparently aliens abducted some out of work actor from Game of Thrones and beamed him into the series. The aliens particularly like abducting out of work actors from other shows, they pop up all over the place. Don't know why, guess it's an alien thing.

Abby is sitting on the floor in front of the TV with a smile on her face
Binge watching Project Blue Book
Speaking of aliens... I see UFO's all the time in my garden. Well some of them aren't exactly unidentified because my Dad calls them by name. There are the Magpies, the Willy Wagtails and the Peewees. There are definitely some that are unidentified though. They have mean, beady, dog-food-stealing eyes. I spend a large part of my day defending my chow bowl from these feathery fiends.
And butterflies - they are everywhere at the moment! But I am yet to catch a single one :( I have resorted to chasing them as my lads (the home from school ones) still seem to prefer to have their snouts stuck in that annoying device they brought home from school instead of showering me with pats and attention all day. Sigh.

Abby has her nose in her mum's garden bed where green plants are growing nicely
Who likes tomatoes anyway...
There is always the veggie patch to entertain me. That certainly gets mum's attention when I start gardening for her. She doesn't seem as appreciative of my efforts as she should be, however. A Lab can't win.
Anyhow, it is almost time for my excursion into the great suburban jungle again. I wonder which of the humans will have won the dog walking lottery today?! I can't wait! Toy poodles beware - I'm onto you!
Until next time friends,

Abby is sitting on a timber bridge. The full moon is visible in the blue and pink sky.
Out for my full moon walk

Isolation - Day 1

Dear Diary,
Something about today is different. Everyone is still at home. There was no mad rush this morning chasing lost socks, pocket money and then dashing out the door to catch the bus or head to work. Everyone is just lounging around in their pyjamas enjoying a lazy breakfast and forgetting to share with me. I may have had my breakfast already, but I am a Labrador, a distant relation to the Hobbit, and just like Hobbits I expect 2nd breakfast, and even 3rd on special occasions like Tuesday's. The humans must have finally realised I am the centre of the universe! This is going to mean so much more undivided attention and food....
10am update: Still waiting on that extra undivided attention that was promised. Time for my daily chasing of the pesky water dragon Walter that hangs around my water bowl. After I have seen the beast off into the wilderness from whence he came, I'll resume my vigil of irresistible cuteness next to their study table.

A picture of a water dragon in a garden bed
Walter the Water Dragon, my sworn enemy

11:43am update: Irresistible cuteness was resisted. There were some pats and foot rubs but I certainly wouldn't describe it as undivided attention. The time has come for drastic action!
12:09pm update: Mum caught me ripping up her seedlings she spent most of yesterday planting. My drastic plan for attention has worked! Wait! Come back! 
3pm update: Finally the tall lanky human has given into my charms (and potential mind control powers) and we are venturing forth into the wilderness where no dog has been before (since this time yesterday at least). I shall protect this human from the vicious Mini Fox Terriers and Toy Poodles that have slowly invaded this brick jungle. Ooooo a butterfly. Time for a poop and then my daily swim in the river to freshen myself up. 
Until next time friends.

Abby is napping on the cool tiles

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