VetShop Australia - Top 5 Products of 2019

Well folks, that’s a wrap on 2019. Now we are all back at work after what felt like a very brief Christmas and New Year break, our team has crunched the numbers to reveal our top 5 products at VetShop Australia for 2019.

A fluffy brown dog wearing reindeer ears sleeps under a Christmas tree

1. Virbac Tapewormer Tablets

There are several different species of tapeworms that cats and dogs can be infected with. In dogs, the species of greatest importance include Dipylidium caninum (flea tapeworm) and Echinococcus granulosus (hydatid tapeworm). The flea tapeworm is the most common species of tapeworm that infects dogs, but infection with this worm does not usually cause any ill effects. However, the hydatid tapeworm poses a serious health risk to humans, despite not causing any real ill-effects to the dog. Virbac Tapewormer treats flea tapeworm in both dogs and cats and hydatid tapeworm in dogs. All animals should be treated for tapeworm control at three monthly intervals (every six weeks for dogs living in areas where the hydatid tapeworm is present).

A photo of a pack of Virbac tapewormer for dogs and cats

2. Ilium Ear Drops

Ilium ear drops contain a number of ingredients that help control ear mites, and bacterial and fungal infections of the ear in cats and dogs. Dichlorophen works as a fungicide, an anti-microbial agent and is also a germicide. Lignocaine is an anaesthetic which works locally to numb the ear and stop your pet from itching. Piperonyl butoxide is an ingredient that is added solely to increase the potency of pyrethrins, which is the final ingredient in Ilium ear drops. Pyrethrins are a pesticide which work by affecting the nervous system of ear mites.

A photo of a bottle of Ilium Ear Drops

In the video below, VetShop Australia head vet Dr Mark shows you how to clean your dog's ears

3. Popantel for Cats

Popantel for Cats is an allwormer tablet that treats and controls roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms in cats. Intestinal worms are a common ailment in cats, and they can be contracted in a number of ways. Commonly, cats contract worms after stepping in infected faeces and then ingesting the worm’s eggs when they groom themselves. Outdoor cats can also contract worms if they eat rodents that are infected with worm larvae. Fleas carrying worm eggs can also infect cats. Another way a cat can contract worms is if worm larvae penetrate the cat’s skin. Kittens can also contract certain types of roundworms if they are nursing from an infected mother cat. A cat with a worm infection often suffers from diarrhoea, vomiting, a loss of appetite, and in more serious cases, anaemia.

A photo of a pack of Popantel for Cats

4. Bravecto Chew for Dogs

Bravecto chew for dogs is a tasty, long-lasting chew that protects your dog against fleas, ticks and ear mites. Bravecto chew protects your dog against paralysis ticks for 4 months and also treats brown dog ticks and bush ticks. Fleas are repelled by Bravecto chew for 3 months. Bravecto also controls Sarcoptes, Demodex and ear mites in dogs. Simply give your dog their tasty Bravecto chew at or around mealtimes to provide long-lasting protection.

A photo of the various pack sizes of Bravecto Chew for Dogs

5. Prozym Dental Sticks for Dogs

Prozym Dental Sticks contain an active ingredient that eliminates biofilm in dog's mouths. Biofilm is the first stage of dental plaque and is caused by the bacteria that live in the mouth of dogs. By treating biofilm, you are helping to prevent more serious dental problems from arising. Prozym Dental Sticks also help to eliminate your dogs bad breath which can be a sign of dental disease. Prozym Dental Sticks are uniquely shaped to guarantee a longer chew time meaning more contact with the stick and more plaque and tartar is eliminated. Prozym Dental Sticks come in two sizes, small/medium and large, so be sure to select the appropriate size for your dog. If you are concerned about your dog’s dental hygiene, you should consult your veterinarian.

A photo of a pack of Prozym Dental Sticks for Dogs

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