How to Battle your Dogs’ Compulsive Itching

Going crazy listening to your dog scratching his ears all night? About had it with your dog licking their paw nonstop? Just wish your dog would stop biting their tail?
If you think you’re uncomfortable, imagine how your dog feels.

Compulsive scratching, licking, and chewing behaviours are quite common in dogs and have a variety of causes. One of the first signs your dog has a problem might be the development of a red, wet, irritated area that arises from persistent chewing, licking, scratching or rubbing – also known as a “hot spot.” Because dogs often incessantly scratch, lick, or bite at an area once it becomes irritated, hot spots can become large and incredibly sore rather quickly.

Although there are multiple reasons why dogs are found to be licking or scratching themselves, one of the most common causes is dry skin.  
A variety of factors, including winter weather and fatty acid deficiencies, can cause dry skin in your fur-friend thus making them  respond to the discomfort by scratching or licking at their skin or fur.

Living in a region with low humidity can provide a higher chance of your dog having dry skin, which is fairly easy to recognise. When parting your dog’s hair do you see flakes of dandruff in the undercoat, or is the skin itself cracked and tough? If so, your fur-friend is probably struggling with dry or irritated skin. The slightest touch of the irritated area can cause your dog to scratch aggressively.

Dry skin can also be influenced not only by environmental circumstances, but also by diet. A number of pet foods process out the essential oils that contribute to healthy skin and a lustrous hair coat. Dry pet foods have an even more dehydrating effect on skin and hair and also support increased thirst, which only in part make up for the drying nature of these diets

Skin problems relating to itchy or irritated skin is one of the leading reasons people seek veterinary advice. However, when seeking a quick over the counter natural alternative; PAW TriDerm Gel is a great suggestion. The Gel is an advanced formulation for skin health - intensively moisturising the skin for optimal skin hydration and a healthy skin barrier. The oil-free gel formula is quick to absorb for easy application.

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