Canine Kings

Amongst the royal family’s collection of pets some of the most famous are their dogs. From the Queen of England’s beloved Corgis and Dorgis to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s pup, Lupo, it is well known how much the English Royal Family loves their dogs. Which royal dog is your favourite?

Dogs of the English Royal Family
Possibly the most well-known dog in the world, Lupo, is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s English Cocker Spaniel. A fun fact about Lupo is that he was famously used to select the name of the Duke and Duchess' first child; pieces of papers were scattered across the floor with various names printed on them, which resulted in Lupo reportedly navigating to the name ‘George’.

Willow and Holly
These are the last two remaining corgis belonging to the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II is best known for her love of Corgis, and even has toy versions of them that are a big seller at the palace gift shops. The Queen herself feeds the corgis and leads them on daily walks, which also serve as a kind of therapy. Her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has referred to this form of therapy as his wife’s “dog mechanism.”

“My Corgis are family,” the Queen has said. Since the 1950s, with considerable help from others, the Queen has personally overseen a program of Corgi breeding that is based on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Purebred puppies from her kennel are registered under the affix of Windsor. The Queen has never allowed her own Corgis to compete at dog shows, nor has she ever sold one, although she has given many away as gifts. Her Majesty also has two Dorgis, a cross between a Dachshund and a Corgi, named Candy and Vulcan.

Tosca and Rosie
The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla is the proud owner of two Jack Russell Terriers. They live with the Duchess and Prince Charles in Clarence House.

When Queen Victoria’s beloved Border Collie Noble died at Balmoral in 1887, he was buried in the grounds of the castle and given his own gravestone, which read:
'Noble by name by nature noble too
Faithful companion sympathetic true 
His remains are interred here'

The beloved Fox Terrier of King Edward VII, having out lived his master, Caesar took part in the King’s funeral ceremony and was given the honour of following the coffin in the funeral procession.

Other Royal Dogs
Ziggy – Danish Royal Family
Five months before the birth of her first child, proud Australian Princess Mary, become “puppy-mother” to the adorable Border Collie Ziggy. In describing her typical morning, the crown Princess does not forget to give Ziggy a mention. In conversation the Princess said, "Then we talk and eat, while our dog Ziggy runs in and out.” Mary's three year old son Prince Vincent also confirmed the family's love for their dog when seeing a family portrait with Ziggy in it and calling out "Ziggy, Ziggy, dad, mum, that's Ziggy."

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