RSPCA CupCake Day

Today is Cupcake Day; the biggest bake-off (and eat off!) in the Southern Hemisphere that helps raise funds for the RSPCA; and in doing so increases the awareness of the fight to prevent animal cruelty.

A big thank you to team VetShopAustralia, who baked up a storm for animal rights.  Also to all the RSPCA CupCake Day fundraisers - good luck in achieving your goals today and make sure you grab a sneaky cupcake or two for yourselves; you deserve it!

How donations help animals in need:

$5 helps to feed a rescue dog for a day

$10 provides a litter tray for a kitten or a cat to toilet train them

$30 will shelter and care for a neglected dog

$50 helps to provide urgent temporary boarding for an animal in an emergency situation

$100 helps to provide medical treatment for an injured cat or dog

$350 will keep an RSPCA Inspector on the road; fighting animal cruelty.

If you would like to make a donation to the VetShopAustralia team you can do so by clicking here.

If you are a Sunny Coast local, pop in and see us at our Forest Glen warehouse (5/42 Owen Creek Road; down the road from Kunara Organic Marketplace) and donate in person to support this amazing cause.

From the VetShopAustralia team our final thanks go out to our friendly local community; who donated generously to support our efforts.

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