The Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

Beyond just making your dog look better, there are many benefits to dog grooming. For one thing, you get a dog with a better mood when he is well-groomed.  When a dog has overgrown hair, for instance, there is a risk of his vision becoming impaired and fleas to find many hiding places in his fur. This can cause your pet to be quite irritable and uncomfortable, not to mention being at risk for diseases that fleas and ticks can bring. 

Your Dog’s Health

Generally, a well-groomed dog means better health for both your dog and yourself. Dead hair is removed by regular brushing. Plus, you protect your dog from parasites, mites and bacteria when you regularly brush him. Once you find that there is indeed a flea problem that is developing in your pet, you might want to check and see what treatments are offered at the vet. In addition, getting professional flea treatment will ensure that this condition is put under control and even the impending eggs get killed.

A Bonding Experience

For both you and your pet, grooming gives you the opportunity to bond. In time, Fido may feel more relaxed than he would otherwise. As a matter of fact, grooming can hasten the pace your new puppy gets ‘used’ to you. The benefit of this is that a calm, relaxed dog will be more positive. Generally, there will be less insecurity, less fear and less aggressive behaviour in a dog that feels more secure.  Being in close contact with your pet benefits you as well. Many studies show that owners of pet tend to go through better well-being psychologically and less health issues. As a matter of fact, dogs have specifically been categorized as therapeutic and part of the preventive measures against stress every day. Grooming your pet regularly can be thought of as a great form of prevention medicine for your own well-being.

Thorough Grooming

Spending a few minutes daily to truly groom your dog will help you keep tabs on whether or not anything is wrong. For instance, checking your dog’s mouth, teeth and ears will give you a clue the moment your dog shows signs of a tooth infection. Rather than having to spend hundreds of dollars in surgery when the problem has become quite aggravated, you can catch the issue while it is minor and nip it in the bud, so to speak.

Mark Perissinotto has been a practicing veterinarian for over 20 years, 14 years of which he was the owner and principal of a busy multi-vet mixed animal hospital. One of the two co-founders of Vet Shop Australia, graduated from the University of Queensland with Bachelor of Veterinary Science and one of the best retailer of pet supplies Australia.

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