Safe Bathing Methods for Your Pet Dog

Are you looking for the safest way of bathing your furry best friend? When it comes to your dogs and bathing, there is no method that is one-size-fits-all. Some dogs run out of the room the moment they hear the faucet water. Others love the water and dive in before you even fill up the tub. It can be challenging to deal with your pets during bath time. Even if it’s true that there really is no bathing style that applies to every dog, there are a few guidelines that do apply to all of them.

Mark the Turf

You will need to make a decision where a bath will be taking place before anything else. If you plan on using the tub, it might be intimidating for dogs. It not only covers their paws all the time, it is also slippery. For dogs that are skittish, the area for showering might be a better idea as the ground is solid. It may also feel saver with the rubber nonslip mat on the tiles. In the summer, pets that love water will love getting bathed out of doors. Remember though that you might end up with a grass-rolling dog the moment you release him.

A Shower Puff

Your work can become easier when you use a power puff. Instead of using your hands and attempting to create lather with the dog shampoo, using a sponge or puff for bathing your pooch will give him the feeling of getting massaged. Remember that shampoo in the eyes or ears is not fun and skipping your dog’s head when shampooing is recommended. Rather, clean the face with no shampoo and just a wet cloth.

The Right Shampoo

It can make a world of difference to use the shampoo right for your dog. Spending time in selecting which one is perfect for your dog’s fur will be worth it. If you have a golden or black dog, find a dog shampoo in these colors. There are special enzymes and conditioners that can brighten or enhance your dog’s coats.  For dogs with long hair, some conditioners are added into shampoos that help in keeping long pet hair free of tangles. There are also dog shampoos for those with itchy or sensitive skin. As a matter of fact, there are a variety of shampoos that you can choose from according to the needs of your pooch. 

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