Taking Care of a Mother Cat and Her Newborn Kittens

It can be an experience that is both rewarding and exciting to breed cats when everything goes without a hitch. Properly caring for the newly born kittens along with their mother will create a pleasant breeding experience. When important steps are something you remember, there are going to be very few problems when it comes to both the mother and her kittens.

A Place to Live

The first thing you need to do is set up a spot where your kittens and their mother are able to live. Select a large-enough box that is able to accommodate the entire family of cats. At the same time this needs to be cosy enough to provide a level of protection for the cats. Position this in a warm, quiet space where the cats won’t have much to worry about like being hassled by other animals and people. Ensure that before you put towels or sheets in the box, that they are clean. When the ones being used need to be washed, prepare extra linens in an accessible place to replace them. On a regular basis, this needs to be done as these tend to become soiled quickly.

Close Proximity

In close proximity to where she is, set up all the items necessary to the mother cat. She needs not to have to go too far from her kittens when she needs t use the bathroom, drink or eat. Ensure that her water dish, food dish and litter box are not too far away. As she nurses her kittens, ensure that quality kitten food is fed to them. She will become unhealthy and lose weight if extra nutrients are not given to her as she nurses. It is also good for her physical body to have nutrients extra to pass along to her developing kittens.

Minimum Handling

For the first few weeks, kittens should be handled at a minimum. A mother kitten can get upset by humans incessantly fondling or picking up her babies. At the same time, it is possible for germs to be passed along from the mother to the babies by doing this. 

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