Designer Dogs

Posing on Instagram, a wardrobe full of the finest haute couture pieces, along with some serious urban street style.  If I asked you to guess who I was talking about you’d probably mention Rhianna right.  Maybe Cara Delevinge, possibly even Lady Gaga (on a good day!).

Well you’re wrong.  I’m talking about Montjiro, a Japanese Chihuahua widely believed to be the best dressed dog on the internet. With over 5,200 followers on Instagram, this trendy pup has struck celebrity status and in doing so has propelled his doggy clothing label, Mon’t, onto the world’s dog-fashion stage.

Bodhi, a three year old Shiba Inu, however barks to differ!

Born and bred in New York City, the fashion capital of the world, Bodhi also has a panache for all things style; dapper Soho style that is.  And 52, 250 Instagram followers cant’ be wrong can they?

Here are a few of VetShopAustralia's favourite doggy designer looks:



So, what style do you prefer?  Is your pooch inclined to parade about in couture, high-end puppy outfits inspired by the likes of Gucci and Valentino, or do you think your furry friend would prefer to swagger about in a style reminiscent of Ryan Gosling, suited to the stylish streets of Soho?

At VetShopAustralia we love both of these designer dogs and wish them the very best in the 'dog eat dog' world of fashion.

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  1. Love the Bodhi style. he is sure a stylish dude.