WeatherBeeta Competition Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who entered our WeatherBeeta competition.  We had a great time reading through all of your responses and are very excited to announce, and pass our congratulations onto, Olivia Brock, Hayley McCaffrey and Max McMaster, who have each won a WeatherBeeta Prize Pack for their dogs.  This fantastic pack includes:

1 x WeatherBeetaPrinted Collar

We love our furry friends who bring joy, laughter, cuddles and unconditional love to our lives every day.  Unfortunately Oscar lost his snuggle buddy to cancer last month, so to keep him warm during his first winter without someone to cuddle up to, we are thrilled to provide him with one of our WeatherBeeta Prize Packs.  Thank you for your heart-warming story Olivia and we hope our prize pack will provide Oscar the warmth and comfort he misses from his trusted companion.

Being a foster career to dogs is a formidable yet extremely rewarding job.  Often your own pets share their home, their space, their coats, and their owner’s attention with many other less fortunate four legged friends.  This is the story of Hayley McCaffrey and her gang of dogs.  We admire your compassion Hayley, and we hope that the WeatherBeeta Prize Pack will be a special treat for your furry friends.

Everyone loves a poem, an ode to their pampered pooch, and we here at are no different.  Our final WeetheatBeeta Prize Pack goes too Max McMaster and Roxy.   

"She's always given her very best, shes getting old and would love a vest,
She'd wear it proudly when she was out, and all the dogs would bark and shout,
Look at Roxy she sure is sweeter, wearing her gorgeous WeatherBeeta.”

Once again, the team at VetShopAustralia would like to thank all the participants who entered our WeatherBeeta contest. We sincerely enjoyed reading all of your responses.

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners,well done.Lovely stories.Just after I entered the contest poor old Lucy snapped ligament in her knee,operated on doing well but only has half her hair where they shaved her,could have done with the coat but at least she is doing well now!