A time to share

  • December 10, 2012
  • By VetShopAustralia.com.au

In 2004, the team at VetShopAustralia decided that rather than sending presents to customers and suppliers, we would instead make a gift to a poor or underprivileged community and that we'd make that gift in the name of our staff, customers and suppliers and it's a tradition we have continued each year since.

We felt that this was would be a nice way to show our thanks and appreciation at this special time for all that we have, and give to those less fortunate than we are in a way that was more a "hand up" than a "hand out". 

We chose the "Smiles" program operated by World Vision (worldvision.com.au), as it is focused on helping the poorest of the poor, with items that are sustainable, and help break the brutal cycle of poverty. As animal lovers, we choose gifts of farm animals, which help the communities by providing not just food, but also wool, milk & eggs to sell and donkeys and cattle to help till the earth and cart goods.

World Vision also provides the communities with animal husbandry training and support, so that we know that these animals will not just be appreciated, but well cared for as well. We're happy to say that this year we've again purchased a "stable of animals" as our gift to a struggling third world community. 

The stable comprises five piglets, two cows, one donkey, two goats, four ducks, and five chickens. Farm animals help to fight poverty on many levels and bring great joy to those who raise them.

On behalf of everyone here at VetShopAustralia, we wish you, your family, friends, and of course pets, a safe and merry Christmas!

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