5 Dangerous Christmas Foods for Pets

Pet-friendly feast only for pets
As we prepare our Christmas menu and get ready for a day of feasting, it is important be aware of a few foods that should be kept far away from Fido's plate. Don't let those puppy dog eyes get the better of you when it comes to these foods as you might be putting your pet in danger. Keep some pet-friendly treats on hand instead so they can enjoy a feast that won’t end in tragedy.
  1. Cooked turkey and ham bones - can splinter, posing throat and intestinal dangers as well as causing sever constipation
  2. Ham skin and fat – can cause pancreatitis
  3. Stuffing with garlic and onion - contains the chemical thiosulphate, which can cause red blood cells to weaken and rupture
  4. Nuts - can cause muscle weakness and a type of paralysis
  5. Chocolate - contains a substance called theobromine which can cause tremors, hyperactivity and seizures

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