12 Christmas Pet Tips

Christmas is a time for enjoying the company of our loved ones and showing how much we appreciate them. So make this special holiday a joyful experience for the whole family – especially your fur family members! Follow these 12 pet tips for Christmas; to celebrate with both clever cats and dogs dear. 
1. Toy-rrific Presents

Spoil your fur-child with cat toys and dog toys this summer. Buy a Cuz Toy for Fido or the Kong Kickeroo for kitty; some of VetShopAustralia.com.au’s all-time favourites. Alternatively, fill your pet’s stocking with a selection of toys, treats, grooming gear and more; when you purchase a Christmas Hamper for your cat, dog or puppy. If there are concerns about expenses this Christmas; the Club Pet Ball on a Rope toy is a great pet present option, available for only $0.80!

2. Catnip for Christmas

For a new take on this year's Christmas stocking, insert Cat Lover Pure Catnip into an old sock and attach to a scratching post, or similar, to attract your cat to a pet-safe zone. In this way, you can reduce the risk of your pet coming in contact with dangerous items like decorations. Alternatively, try Cat Lover Catnip Spray. This formula is double the strength found in the herb, and can be sprayed to attract cats to their toys.

3. Perfumed Pooch

Family gatherings over Christmas can get heated in the hot Australian summer. Luckily, there’s no need for you to sweat-it because your dog will smell delightful after a wash with an aromatherapy shampoo. The Saint Francis range of shampoos for cats and dogs are available in a variety of scents including Saint Francis Lavender and Rosemary Shampoo; so you can keep your fur-family member smelling sweet this season.

4. The Gift that Keeps Giving

As cat-lovers, we all know our feline friends often find themselves in unusual fixes or tight squeezes. So this Christmas, why not enable our curious cats to investigate some interesting cardboard packages. Try wrapping gifts in different sized boxes that the family pet can curl up in, once the gift has been removed, so they too can partake in the fun. Make sure any decorative ribbon or string is promptly disposed of; as such items can cause an obstruction in your pet’s bowel if swallowed.

5. Purr-fect Groom

Help your pet celebrate this special occasion in style by grooming them to purr-fection. Give them a wash, brush and clip their nails. VetShopaustralia.com.au has a great range of grooming products for cats and grooming products for dogs. Let your pet indulge in a massage when grooming them this Christmas with the Zoom Groom. It’s a tool with flexible rubber fingers that not only removes your pet’s loose hair and conditions their coat; it also massages their skin.

6. Guests not Odours

If your pets reside indoors; a pet-ticular smell may linger around the home – which might takes some guests by surprise. Stop the stink before your visitors arrive with the Pet Odour Eliminator Spray. It’s the perfect tool for neutralising odours and eliminating bacteria throughout the house. The blend of environmentally friendly vegetable and citrus agents can be sprayed into the air, litter trays, kennels or bedding to remove pet odours.

7. Pet Treat Feast

Much of the food we feast on during Christmas celebrations can be harmful to our pets, if ingested. Ensure your pet has some yummy dog treats or cat treats of their own, to eat while the rest of the family is seated at the table. Help your pet deal with the summer heat by freezing treats in ice cubes to create a long-lasting fun activity. You could even bake homemade pet treats so your furry friend can enjoy an extra special taste on Christmas day.

8. War of the Cracker

Most of us have tugged on the end of a Christmas cracker at some point; but we recommend playing tug-of-war with your dog’s favourite tug toys, this year instead. Engaging in a fun game with your pet is the easiest way to ensure they enjoy Christmas day. After all, our loyal friends love to spend time playing with their owners. Prestige Ropes or the Play N Learn Tug-A-Ring are great options. The best thing of all is these toys never crack open so they can be played again and again.

9. Save a Pet this Season

The gift of love and good health are, of course, the best presents of all for pets and owners alike. Consider making a donation to your local animal shelter or charity this Christmas to help spread the love to animals in need. The volunteers that run such organisations are usually unpaid and rely on donations to give unwanted pets the care they deserve. You may even be able to help by fostering a rescue pet until they are adopted into a fur-ever home.

10. Paws and Claws Away from Santa Claus

Scram Repellent Spray can be a useful tool this season; to keep pets away from potentially dangerous areas of the house. Rooms where the Christmas tree, display lights, presents or decorations lie can pose a safety risk to your pet; if left unattended. Fortunately, you can continue to decorate your home for Christmas and keep you pet out of harm's way by spraying Scram Repellent Spray. It's non-harmful ingredients, Methyl Nonyl Ketone and Citronella are proven to repel cats and dogs.

11. Fur-ball Free Festivities

If your pets will be celebrating with you indoors and out; the Jumbo Lint Roller is a must to keep the furniture fur free, these holidays. Our pets constantly lose hair; especially at the start of summer as they shed their winter coat. Prevent a hairy situation this Christmas with the Jumbo Lint Roller by rolling over your clothes, couch, carpet and other areas where your pet has lingered. The super sticky, high strength adhesive tape will remove the tell-tail signs of pet hair and fluff.

12. Generous Games

Make your pet’s day by playing some fun games. Get into the Christmas spirit with the brightly coloured Play N Learn Twist-A-Ball and play fetch with your pooch. You could also try Frisbee fetch with the Kong Puppy Flyer. Made from Kong's special teething rubber formula; the Flyer is soft enough for your new puppy to catch. To keep independent cats cheerful, offer your cat a Zerbil Cat Toy. Zerbils are available in different animal-shapes, colourful fabric bodies and springy feather tails.

Ensuring your pet enjoys Christmas is easy; when you follow these tips to include them in the holiday festivities.

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