Charity Donation Poll: A Cause that Makes Sense

Congratulations to Australian Working Dog Rescue and the Australian Cavy Sanctuary (Brisbane Shelter)! Australia has voted on the Charity Donation Facebook Poll and you have both secured positions in our top two! The competition has been fierce throughout August with over 11,700 votes cast for 100 different Aussie animal charities! The team at would like to thank all the poll participants who voted for their favourite animal charities.

We would also like to thank all Aussie pet owners who have made a pet product purchase at during August. $2 from every sale, during the past month has been automatically contributed to the donation pool to make this gift possible. As a result, we are proud to announce a donation total of $3,000 worth of cash and products will be distributed between these two terrific charities!
This really has been a Cause that Makes Sense! Read on to find out more about these worthy Aussie charities and their causes…

Australian Working Dog Rescue received the highest number of votes – over 1,500 - on the official Charity Donation Facebook Poll. It’s a non-profit organisation that finds new homes for working dog breeds, saving them from euthanasia at council pounds and shelters. The organisation is run completely by volunteers, who dedicate their time to finding a loving home for dogs surrendered by their owners, or unclaimed strays; through foster care and adoption.  They ensure the dogs in their care are de-sexed, micro-chipped, c5 vaccinated and heartworm tested. They also begin a monthly heartworm and intestinal worming preventative regime on the dogs; ensuring they are healthy companions for their future owners.

The Australian Cavy Sanctuary Brisbane Shelter received over 1,200 votes, ranking second in the top 100 Aussie animal charities included in the Charity Donation Facebook Poll. They are a non-profit organisation who is passionate about the welfare of guinea pigs. The Sanctuary strives to educate the community about the correct care and humane treatment of these animals. They are committed to raising awareness and changing the stereotypically perceived low value of these small creatures. They provide a sanctuary for ill and neglected guinea pigs and re-home them. The Shelter wishes to improve the animals’ quality of life, and become a voice for those who are mistreated, by actively endorsing all aspects of animal welfare. The organisation has years of hands on experience with guinea pigs, which together with the advice of small animal vets, has given them a wealth of knowledge concerning their general care, medical/health and genetics. 

We hope this donation helps both of these tremendous Aussie animal charities to continue caring for animals in need.

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  1. congratulations to these two deserving charities and thank you soooo much to vetshopaustralia for this very generous donation! Kate

  2. Congratulations to my friend Jess at the ACS!! You really deserve this with the constant care and love you give to these orphans! Well done!
    Well done to AWDR for winning too- another truly deserving winner!!
    Michelle McKay (Melbourne)

  3. right on!! i cannot think of anyone more deserving than the hard working folks at ACS!!! they are simply the b.e.s.t. and i'm in the states. would love to volunteer there were it geographically not an issue. ACS is the GO-TO site for education/information cavy-related!! belle

  4. Congrats to both of these wonderful groups, the prize money and products from vetshop will make such a difference for them and all the special animals they care for. Many thanks to Vetshop for making this possible.
    As a foster carer for ACS, I know the time and money that goes into making things happen, and I know a certain lady by the name of Jess who will be doing a happy dance for days lol.
    Chris Randall

  5. I can not think of more two deserving groups to win this. I have so much respect for the work The Australian Cavy Sanctuary Brisbane Shelter does. I simply adore guinea pigs and they are one of the most mis understood little creatures around. More people need to be educated regarding this beautiful little souls and without The Australian Cavy Sanctuary Brisbane Shelter help this would not be possible. Congrats guys and well done