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  • June 07, 2012
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As most VetShopAustralia customers know, we're a pet friendly work place, and indeed, it sometimes seems that it's the pets that run the place rather than the people! The VetShop pets are not the only lucky pooches that have now become part of the team in the office; every week we seem to be hearing about more and more pets at work and the great things they're doing!
Winston and Susan Gregg Koger, arguably the most
influential dog/person team in the online fashion world!

In this, our first in a series of Pets At Work Interviews, fashion icon Winston from Modcloth speaks exclusively to about his role at, his relationship with his "person", Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of ModCloth,  Susan Gregg Koger  and his life helping run what many consider to be the best online store selling independent designer & retro influenced fashion!

Winston, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers, we understand you're a busy dog. I know that while some parts of the media have reported that your rise to "top dog" in online fashion retail has been meteoric, I'm sure it's been a long hard road. When did you get your "first big break"?
A: You are quite welcome. No success is ever truly meteoric; even if it seems effortless there is likely much churning beneath the water that one cannot glimpse from land. My first big break was meeting Susan and Eric all those years ago. As soon as our eyes locked, I knew my life would never be the same.
Q: Could you please briefly describe your "average" day at ModCloth? Do you still get to go on shoots, to the shows and on buying trips, or is it all paperwork and staff management now that ModCloth has grown so much?
A: My sleep is very important to me; so a typical day starts around 9:00am. I prepare several things at home before Susan and Eric drive me to the office. Fortunately there are many lovely employees who help me with paperwork and management and that sort of thing. In fact, that's my answer to your next question: the most rewarding aspect of my role (and rolls) and ModCloth are the humans. So delightful, so talented. Though they could give me more treats, I suppose.
Q: What do you think is likely to be your biggest challenge for ModCloth in the next 12 months?
A: Everyday is a challenge when you love what you do! Over the next 12 months we are going to continue to perfect our Mobile site, which I'm eagerly anticipating.
Q: You're obviously a good looking dog, and you're surrounded by so many beautiful dogs (the ModDogs) at ModCloth,  but your relationship with Susan is an inspiration to working dogs everywhere - what would you describe as the key to balancing a relationship that spans both work and home?
A: Listening, of course, is terribly important. Everyone says this in response to this sort of question, but then, it's one of those attributes much more easily discussed than acted upon. But in order to truly respect someone, and I believe respect is the basis of any successful relationship, you must listen carefully. Susan and I have perfected this to such an extent that we are practically telepathic.
Q: You clearly have your own sense of style, but no doubt (we hope!) even you have the occasional "bad fur" day? Do you have any tips or hints for our readers on staying healthy and looking great?
A: I rarely look anything but polished, and I attribute it to excellent genes, lots of water, and daily runs up and down the stairs. Running was the hardest to incorporate into my life, as it's not very glamorous, but once you've established your routine, you don't even think about it any more.
Q: And finally, do you have any words of advice for the young dogs (and their people) out there who are just starting their careers as working dogs?
A: To quote another distinguished talking animal, Arthur the aardvark, "Believe in yourself - because that's the place to start."

The low down on Winston

Winston leads ModCloth by example
Winston is a 6 year old pug and official mascot of Modcloth. He appears as a cute icon at the bottom of the screen, and pops up to provide notifications on the site. When Winston's not hard at work, he likes to play with his other ModDog friends.
Since being  founded by Susan, Eric and Winston, ModCloth has grown into a thriving business of 200 employees, and the company has quickly gained attention for its dedication to customer engagement. Susan was recognized by Inc. Magazine as the #2 "Top Entrepreneur under 30”,  named in BusinessWeek’s 2010 list of the “Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs.” and was recently named as a Champion of Change by the White House.

To read more of Winston's story and the amazing journey he, Susan and the ModCloth team have been on, click here or visit the ModCloth dogs at

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