Win Bling with Kiltix Congratulations!

  • February 13, 2012
  • By

Macca and Sambo show off their Kiltix Collars!
Here at we were so excited to hear that the Kiltix Win a Diamond Collar promotion run by Bayer was won by one of our customers, Peter and Karen from Edmonton in North Queensland!

Bayer Kiltix gives one lucky
customer something to smile about!
To win, Peter and Karen, who own two beautiful dogs called Macca and Sambo, simply went online to our website to buy a Kiltix tick collar from our online store, played a short online game designed by Bayer and then enter their details. The whole process wouldn't have taken more than about 10 minutes, and now Peter and Karen, who elected to take the cash rather than the bling,  are $5,000 richer! Well done Peter and Karen! No wonder Macca is smiling in the photo!

The Kitlix Diamond Collar giveaway was run nationally by manufacturer Bayer so you can imagine that we are very pleased that the lucky winners were customers!

Bayer Kiltix tick collars are available from our online store for just $12.37. Click here to order.

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