Sharing the Smiles at Christmas Time

  • December 08, 2011
  • By

Christmas is a time for family and presents, but it's also a time for giving thanks for what we have and if we can, for helping others. Each year since we started business in 1999, VetShopAustralia has made a donation to World Vision in the name of our staff and customers, as a way of showing our appreciation and also helping some of the poorest people in the planet.

By partnering with World Vision  through the "Smiles" program, our donations are given by way of farm animals which help improve the life of the recipients, and not only does World Vision provide the animals but also training in animal welfare, so we know the recipients care for their animals well.

Years ago our donations started off as just a few chickens, but now we're proud to be able to donate a whole stable each year. Comprising two donkeys, two cows, two goats, four ducks, and six chickens with chicken feed these farm animals help to fight poverty on many levels and bring great joy to those who raise them and the stable is a lovely tie in to the traditional story of Christmas.  For example, take a look at this video of Edward and his family:

We hope you all agree it's another great way that animals can bring joy and happiness in to people's lives.
Merry Christmas everyone.

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