5 Preventative Tips to Help Your Pet Avoid Ticks!

In the case of ticks, prevention is essentially the best cure; and here are 5 important tips to help prevent your pet from becoming a victim to ticks this season.
1. Perform daily checks on your pet for ticks
Remember to be systematic and use your fingertips to feel through your pet’s fur to ensure you find any ticks. Start at the nose and work your way backwards thoroughly, be sure to also check areas such as between the toes, behind ears, under the armpits, and around the head and tail.
 2. Use a tick preventative product on your pet
Some recommended products for tick prevention include either Frontline Spray, Frontline Plus or Advantix applied every 2 weeks, as well as a Preventic or Kiltix collar to help you keep your pets safe. It is important to keep on top of dosages and as these products are not guaranteed to be effective in every situation it is important to use these products in conjunction with other preventative methods.
3. Avoid known tick habitats such as long grass and bush areas
Ticks mostly live in moist and humid environments, near wooded or grassy areas, therefore during outdoor activities with your pet be sure to always walk in the centre of trails and be wary of walking through leaf litter or shrubs. Also create a tick free zone in your yard by keeping lawns and shrubs short and removing any compost material.
 4. Watch your pet closely for any changes in appetite or behaviour that could be result of a tick
If you notice either a change in your pet’s behaviour, including being distressed, anxious, or confused, or a change in their appetite, these could be signals that your pet has a tick and it is recommended that you check your pet for ticks immediately.
 5. Ask your veterinarian to conduct a tick screening at each visit
This will help to give you peace of mind, as two eyes are better than one.

Following these 5 preventative tips will help to ensure that this season your pet stays healthy, happy and tick free! Check out our full range of tick prevention products here.

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