Miracle Tsunami Dog Reunites With Owner

Ban is definitely no ordinary dog after showcasing some outstanding survival skills that has seen the clever pooch make headlines all around the world.

Ban the miracle dog
Not only did Ban survive the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit the North coast of Japan last month but he has also survived 3 weeks adrift at sea floating on the roof of a house.

A member of the Japan Coast guards spotted Ban from a helicopter and all rescue efforts went into full swing to bring the 2 year old pup safely back on land. After returning to shore Ban's survival efforts received a huge amount of media coverage worldwide which has led to a remarkable ending to the story. 

Ban's owner saw her beloved furry friend on television while watching the news and has miraculously been reunited once again with her pet that she feared had been lost forever.

It is a truly amazing story of survival that has given hope to thousands of Japanese people who are still yet to be reunited with loved ones. Our hearts go out to all the Japanese people that have been victims of such a tragic event.

Click here to see a Youtube video of Ban's rescue.

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