Only 12 days left to vote on our latest poll!

Could you put a price on these faces?
There are only 12 days left for you to get your vote in and tell us how much your furry friend is worth to you. It seems that so far most people can't possibly put a price on their beloved pet and have voted for 'priceless'.

Look to the side of the blog to vote and check out what other people consider their pet to be worth.. Personally I have voted for priceless, as nothing beats waking up each morning to a happy little wagging tail!

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  1. i love miss zoey she is my world she never leaves my side only do do her outside thing and that dosnt take long and i look down she there she has had the front gate open she could of run away but no she was with her mum i love her like i would a child well she is a child my child in a simple way if she was gone i would be shattered she is a big part of my life and my everyday i was in hospatail for a week and she cryd the hole time i was away and when i got home it just made us closer if i leave she howls until i walk in my door...she loves me and i soooo love my miss zoey