New Website Feature: Free Reminder System

Have you ever forgotten to apply your pet's monthly flea or tick treatments? If so then you are not alone. We hear about this happening all the time, and although it is often our busy lifestyles that are to blame, it is our pets that we put at risk.

That is why here at VetShopAustralia we have created a free re-application reminder system on our website so you never have to miss another application date again.

When you place an order with VetShopAustralia you will be given the option to receive a monthly reminder message to remind you to re-apply your pet's medication. Many of our customers have found this to be an invaluable tool in helping to maintain a consistent application schedule for their pets as it ensures that an application is never missed.

To sign up for a monthly reminder, you can either follow the prompt after making your order, or alternatively, you can go into "My Account" and click on "Manage Reminders". From here you will have the option to specify how you will receive your reminder (either by email, SMS, or both) and on what day each month.

We proudly provide the VetShopAustralia reminder system free of charge to our customers.

If you need any further help in using the reminder system please send us an email at

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