Cost of (puppy) Love Going Up

  • August 20, 2010
  • By

An update to our blog article in October last year on the cost of pet ownership: Bankwest released research earlier this year showing that it costs an average of $25,000 to care for a dog over its lifetime! That's almost $2,500 per year!

Cats are, as you would expect, a bit cheaper with average costs of around $1,700 a year.

The research revealed that the biggest expense of dog ownership is pet food and treats at about $1,200, followed by veterinary costs oat  $450 and additional care such as grooming and walking of $400.

What wasn't a surprise to any of us here was that the Bankwest research revealed that pet owners think the cost of a pet dog is a small price to pay in return for what a dog provides its family.

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