Boredom Busters Part 2

  • June 10, 2010
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Last month, we took a look at few things you can do around your yard to help your dogs battle boredom.
This month we take a look at some of the best food based boredom busters.

Kongs and similar hollow rubber dog toys are great. These keep your dog entertained as she tries to get at the treat inside. Some great foods to use in Kongs and other hollow dog toys include cheese, canned dog or cat food, peanut butter, a little Vegemite (for Aussies) or liverwurst, leftovers, dried liver and commercial dog treats.

You can simply hand your dog his stuffed treat as you leave home, but a better way is to hide the stuffed object somewhere in the garden.

A cheap and simple alternative is to half fill a plastic PET bottle with kibble, pasta or water and allow your dog to toss it around. Leave the top off and the treats will spill out slowly. (Note, some dogs may need supervision with  a PET bottle if they are likely to swallow the plastic, so try this one while you are home to supervise a couple of times first).

Another home made dog entertainment device is to tear a rag in to long strips, and roll a little treat into each strip and tie it in knots. Make the bundle as tight as possible and give it to your dog to explore and dissect.

Kongs and other stuffed toys, or simple ice-cream or yogurt containers can be filled with diluted beef stock and frozen. Add a special treat in the centre, and watch your dog lick away trying to reach the  treat. These are especially good for those hot summer days.

And now, as promised in our last entry  - the No 1, Most Important, Fool Proof, 100% Guaranteed, Never Fail, Dog Boredom Buster! Its simple, its free and its YOU!

That's right, don't forget that the one thing your dog wants most is to spend time with you. Get out in the backyard or your local dog friendly park, and run, play, thow balls or a frisbee and generally get physical - your dog will love it, and so will you!

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