Eagles Heritage in the Margaret River, W A

Recently, I spent two weeks in Western Australia in the beautiful Mandurah and Margaret River areas. While visiting the tourist attractions in the area, I came across a very interesting Raptor Wildlife Centre called Eagles Heritage. Whilst I enjoyed the flying display of the kites and a very informative narrative from the handler about the raptors of Australia, I was dismayed to hear how we unknowingly kill our raptors and other wildlife.

Naturally, we do not want rats and mice in our homes for various reasons, we therefore go about trying to eradicate them. What most of us are unaware of is that when we place baits containing Warfarin, Bromadioline or Brodifacoum, it can take three to ten days for the mice and rats to die. During that period, the rodents may become a meal for a bird of prey or even a domestic cat or dog. Depending on the number of animals preyed upon, the predator then becomes ill, begins to bleed internally and unless the animal is given veterinary attention, it may die.

Please consider other alternatives for the eradication of rats and mice to protect our native and domestic animals. One of these alternatives is a Coumatetrayl based poison called Racumin which is available from shops at approximately the same price as the baits previously mentioned. Please keep in mind that all poisons are dangerous chemicals and you should always follow the safety precautions on the label, especially with regard to accessibility of bait to children.

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